How did you come to choose Coffee World?

We were recommended by a Coffee World existing customer, Herbie’s Diner.

What process did you go through with Coffee World from initial enquiry to installation?

Coffee World were extremely helpful, I was invited to attend their premises where I was shown were the beans arrive and how they make their fantastic blends in their on-site roastery. I was then shown all the types of machine that are available and what the benefits would be to each, so that helped me to understand what type of machine I was looking for.  Craig then made some coffees and walked me through how to make the coffee.  Having gone away and chosen the machine for us, we then came back to Coffee World for a blind coffee tasting to ensure that we got the blend of beans that we wanted.  As soon as we had a date for access to the shop, we let Coffee World know and they came to do a pre-installation inspection, set the date and came to install. On the morning of installation, we were taken through the machine and had a training session to ensure that we knew what we were doing.

Why did you choose the products you did?

We chose the machine with the help of Craig to ensure we had the type of machine that suited our business needs. We chose the coffee beans and the hot chocolate during the tasting session as they were the products that appealed to our taste best and we wanted to be serving products we knew we enjoyed!

How has the support been ongoing?

We have been well trained, and therefore, have not had to contact Coffee World much at all.  The one time we had a question, we made a quick call and we were helped over the phone without anyone having to come out to us.  When we order, the product is dispatched immediately.

Would you recommend Coffee World?

Absolutely, without hesitation.

Simone Borley
Owner of Kwellers Confectionery, Café, Craft and Gifts
St. Neots