We understand that you serving the very best coffee you can is beneficial to both of our businesses and we want to help and aid you get to a level where you are comfortable that the drink you are serving is to the best possible standard.

We provide all of our customers with free barista training in The Training Room. We provide our customers with the level of training they require from the complete novice who has never used a machine to the advanced barista looking to perfect their latte art, understand the true art of cupping or dialling in grinders.

Alongside this we have a team experienced in the hospitality industry and the process of serving coffee on the road who are able to visit your site to deliver a comprehensive and intensive barista training session on your own machine allowing some of these practices to be understood in a real world scenario.

Coffee World is also very fortunate to have the Cambridge Coffee Academy working under the same roof which means we can cater for all types of events and training from meeting space in a relaxed environment to team building days in the art of coffee as well as courses designed and increasing knowledge for the home user.

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