We understand that whilst your coffee machine is down or not performing to the best of its ability that you are losing revenue!

With over 30 years in all types of coffee machinery we are equipped to diagnose, understand and solve any problems and help ensure that machine downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our network of highly trained engineers cover the whole of the UK and are able to provide pay as you go call out cover or a more comprehensive service cover for your coffee machine fleet.

Our services

Our services include Pressure Vessel Testing (PSSR), Front End Service, Full Service, Spare Parts, Machine Installation and Water Treatment Unit Changes.

Our engineers are always on hand to discuss any issues you are worried about or any work you feel may be necessary. Call us any time for advice or questions you may have regarding your coffee machinery.

Here at Coffee World we understand that whilst your coffee machine is not functioning that you are losing revenue! With over 30 years in the coffee industry we are best equipped to solve all of your faults and servicing problems and help ensure that you never have to suffer any downtime.


Our network of engineers and resources cover the whole of the UK.

Free Friendly Advice 

Our engineers are always on hand to discuss any issues you are worried about or any work you feel may be necessary. Call us any time for advice or questions you may have regarding your coffee machinery.

Callout & Repair

We are always at hand to help. Our fully trained engineers are always happy to help and are able to come out and repair most makes and models of coffee machines. From seals to total breakdowns, we have the expertise to get you back up and running and serving coffee again.

Front End Service 

Coffee machines go through a lot each day, so we recommend this service is undertaken once a year (dependant on usage) and should not take no longer then an hour meaning minimal disruption to your business. The service concentrates on the group heads, steamer / hot water outlets and replacing wear and tear seals and other perishable parts to keep your machine running as new.

Full Service 

Whether you have been keeping on top of cleaning and care of the machine from day one but feel the machine needs rejuvenating or have taken on a second hand machine and want to get it back to its glory days.

The full service is a process in which we examine your machine from top to bottom, de-scaling the tank with acid to remove all lime scale, testing and flushing steam wands, replacing all perishable parts and cleaning out all loose coffee. To do this properly and thoroughly, we take your machine away for 7-14 days and complete back at our fully equipped workshop.

We are aware this could have quite an impact on your business and sales so talk to us about a free loan machine whilst we undertake the work.

PSSR Inspections 

To keep you compliant and up to date with “Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000”, we are Fully Certified to undertake your annual PSSR inspections. This is an inspection required by law and insurance companies to ensure that your steam boiler is in safe working order.  All reports are available 24/7 via our online system. After completion, your bespoke report is available online 24/7 and we give you full access to this.

Under UK law your coffee machine is classed as a pressure vessel and comes under Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. If you do not stay compliant and there is an unfortunate incident involving your coffee machine, your insurance company may void your policy and you could be liable for a civil law suit and/or criminal charges.

Please take a look at the following news article to understand how important it is to stay compliant with the PSSR regulations. 

Importance of PSSR

In order to stay compliant you need to do the following:

Provide safe and suitable equipment – making sure all repairs and faults are fixed and carried out by a professional.

Know the operating conditions – knowing the correct operating conditions of your coffee machine.

Fit suitable protective devices and ensure they function properly – e.g. devices such as safety valves and pressure switches are adjusted to their correct settings.

Carry out suitable maintenance – including a whole-system maintenance programme that considers factors such as age, uses and the environment in which it is operated.

Make provision for appropriate training – to make sure all users have had the correct training on how to operate the equipment properly.

Have the equipment examined – A written scheme of examination (WSE) must be written up, to be used by a competent person to carry out the examination. This must be carried out minimum of every 12 months on machines over 1 year old.

Choose a competent person – ensuring they have the necessary knowledge, skills and, importantly independence to undertake their role and responsibilities effectively.

If you need any help or assistants staying compliant than contact our office on 01223 429 999 or visit the HSE website:

PSSR Compliance

Annual Service Contract

From Filter Machines to 4 Group Traditional Coffee Machines and everything in between, we can tailor a service contract to suit your needs. Whether you want us to deal with your entire fleet of machines or just feel one particular one could do with a service or PSSR inspection. We are happy to help.

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