Custom Roast Coffee - It's yours!

We offer packages for bespoke coffee tailored to your taste, needs and image. We aim to make this an easy and stress free process from start to finish. Using an initial consultation and tasting as our base, we can fine tune your demands and work out the perfect package for you, from the colour of the bag we pack it in to where we need to deliver. But above all, we want to get the coffee right for you!

Why go custom roast?

•The ability to fine-tune your offering to either taste, origin, blend or even certification.

•It is yours. No one else will have the exact blend you have and you are free to market it and shout about it!

•Using bespoke labelling or even retail packs, you are able to share your brand and image with other people and increase awareness.

Why use us for custom roast?

•We are experienced Artisan Roasters, it’s what we’ve been doing for over 30 years! We take that knowledge and experience and apply it to each step of the process. From roasting the coffee to tailoring the perfect packaging.

•We have a fleet of roasters to cope for all sizes of orders and demands. Whether it is 1 case a month or a 100 cases a week. We have the facility and the capacity to do it.

•At our base in Cambridge, we can offer you a consultation and tasting session with a variety of blends to understand what you like, prefer and want for your custom roast.

•Storage and delivery is covered. We are happy to keep stock of your coffee on site and deliver to one or multiple sites nationwide.

We encourage you to come down to meet the team, visit our Roastery and open up the discussions about the potential for a custom roast within your business. If you have any initial questions please call 01223 429 999 and ask to speak to someone about custom roast coffee!