Coffee Grinders

Before your chosen coffee blend reaches your traditional machine, it needs to be prepared through a grinder. To create the perfect espresso, not only do you need a well set up espresso machine, you need the perfect grind. At Coffee World we are passionate about the grind as it is the first stage of getting to a rich espresso that will wow your customers with its depth of flavour and colour.

Freshness is a huge factor within this and we have not only your more traditional grinders with manual or automatic grind and chamber doser but we also have a select range of On Demand grinders available that grind the beans fresh consistently, only when required.

See out popular models below and get in touch to discuss your grinder requirements in more depth. 

Popular Models

  • Victoria Arduino - Mythos One
  • Mazzer - Mini Automatic/On Demand
  • Mazzer - Super Jolly Timer/Automatic/On Demand
  • Mazzer - Major Timer/Automatic/On Demand