Winter is coming…

Whether it’s the clocks going back, putting on an extra layer, digging out the scarf and gloves or the array of Christmas decorations hitting the shelves. These signs all lead to the fact that the season known for its cold temperatures is upon us.

Inevitably, this brings hot drinks to the forefront of people’s minds, they move away from a pleasurable beverage to be enjoyed at any time to an essential after braving the dropping temperatures outside as a warmer for not just the body but the soul.

We wanted to share with you some ideas to bring that hot drink to life and add a little something, whether to satisfy a sweet tooth or to enjoy something a little bit more seasonal and get in the spirit, see our list below of some of the favourites from the staff of Coffee World.

Craig’s Mince Pie Latte

‘Mince pies have always been a favourite of mine, I love the first one of the year and that feeling that Christmas is just around the corner. Combining this with coffee, for me, is a match made in heaven. Although not in the recipe, I am often found adding just a touch of squirty cream on top!’

1 pump of Sweetbird Toffee Apple Syrup
2 pumps of Sweetbird Winter Spice Syrup
Double Espresso Shot
Steamed Milk

Combine espresso and syrup shots in a cup and then top with steamed milk.

Maria’s Matcha Chai Latte

‘When I have had my coffee for the day but want a little boost I turn to Matcha. The Cosy Matcha is 100% organic and is a great way to enjoy a green tea hit. During the winter, I love to add a scoop of Spiced Chai. A wonderful mix of spices really compliment the matcha and bring that warming feel to the drink.’

1 scoop of Drink Me Spiced Chai
1 scoop of Cosy Organic Matcha
Steamed Milk

Whisk the Chai and Matcha with a little warm water to make a paste, stir and add steamed milk.

Nasar’s Gingerbread Mocha

‘I have a sweet tooth and I love to experiment with flavours of syrups and decided it was time to try combining that with hot chocolate. Gingerbread latte is a classic but I wanted to try something a bit different, whilst satisfying my sweet tooth. Now I get my coffee hit and a treat in one cup!’

2 pumps of Fabbri Gingerbread Syrup
Zuma Original 25% Hot Chocolate Powder
Single Espresso Shot
Steamed Milk


Add a little warm water to the chocolate powder to form a paste, add the syrup and espresso shot and stir. Top up with steamed milk.

Winter is coming…
Winter is coming…
Winter is coming…