Single Origin Coffee

Here at Coffee World we are passionate about coffee. Whether ensuring perfection in our 5 heritage blends or trialling single origin coffees from around the world, we do this to ensure you are delivering the best cup to your customers.


Single origin coffee has seen a rise in popularity in the third wave of coffee. A demand for greater accountability, sustainability and perfection has seen the desire for the best cup of coffee become more and more accessible and achievable.


Working with customers to not only deliver on this demand for these speciality coffee beans but also to understand their reasoning for wanting to offer these as either their core bean or as a guest coffee to allow customers variety have shown the benefits of addressing this demand.


Each bean has a story. Take the Rwandan Inzovu. The flavour profile of which is typically African with slightly more chocolate notes then an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and a long lingering finish. But it is the story behind the growers. Our Inzovu is produced by a group of 30 members calling themselves ‘Urengerekawa’ which means ‘Let us Protect Coffee’ which was formed in 2007 in South Western Rwanda to ensure fair prices and cooperation between farmers.
It is the stories such as these which customers crave and demand. They want to know more about their coffee.  


Get in touch with us to discuss how a Single Origin Offering could help your sales and ensure people continue to return.

Single Origin Coffee