Reverse Osmosis Water – is it worth it?

Coffee experts across the industry agree that to get the best tasting coffee, water quality needs to be perfect. Tap water will simply not suffice. To create ‘textbook’ water, many coffee professionals rely on one innovative invention; Reverse Osmosis (RO).

What is RO?

Reverse Osmosis is a process in which regular tap water passes through a system that removes impurities; the result is 99.99% pure H2O. So how does it work? The RO water purification system is more than a simple water filtration process. A powerful pump pushes tap water through a semipermeable membrane. Water molecules can pass through the membrane but accompanying substances cannot. Some of the typical accompanying substances in the water removed this way are limescale, particulates, chemicals, chlorine, chlorides, gypsum etc. The result is exceptionally pure water, free from microplastics.

Benefits of RO?

Reverse Osmosis is a trusted and frequently used process amongst the coffee industry to achieve a good quality base water from which to start the brew. Whilst one would never use 100% pure RO water in any catering application, removing unwanted substances is a good start. So, how exactly would a coffee expert benefit from RO? Here are some direct benefits from using Reverse Osmosis in any water-using applications.

  1. For coffee experts, optimum water allows the taste of the bean and roast to come to the front of the brew: taste is key for coffee makers as it is their USP. The right water enhances the flavour of even an average cup of coffee. High quality beans with clever roasting can create great flavours but optimum water quality elevates flavours to another level! Competition in the coffee industry is stiff, so it makes sense for businesses to invest in a system to create the best water for your coffee.
  2. No more unwanted elements: many people do not think twice about drinking water from the tap and in the UK, we can expect a water supply that is safe to drink. However, even acceptable levels of chemicals in water can sometimes affect taste or smell. The RO process is a reliable way to remove unwanted chemicals, particulates and of course the ubiquitous microplastics. So, if you live in an area where your water has more chemicals than average, investing in a RO system could be a wise choice.
  3. The energy requirement of most Reverse Osmosis equipment is relatively low when compared to some other water purification systems. Purified, rebalanced RO water can feed directly into important equipment, without using any extra energy. An efficient installation will see by-product water re-directed for other uses, so sites do not see any increase in their electricity or water bills.
  4. Chemical-free operation makes RO more environmentally friendly than many water treatment solutions as it requires zero chemicals and reduces the need for detergents with an efficient, high quality RO system, 99.99% pure water will be coming directly from your selected tap.

What about the nutrients in water?

One of the most common myths surrounding RO systems is that people are losing valuable and essential nutrients contained in normal tap water. Whilst it is true, some UK tap water does contain nutrients, the quantities are low, and a normal balanced diet will see these substances easily replaced. As such, the pros can far outweigh the cons when it comes to Reverse Osmosis.

BWT’s bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee uses the RO process as part of its unique operation to create ‘textbook’ water for coffee. Not only does the ROC unit remove unwanted substances but it also places Magnesium back into the water.

Only with BWT can you get the clever combination of Reverse Osmosis and BWT’s Magnesium enhancing technology. This unique combination allows you to remove undesirable substances whilst at the same time achieving a balanced mineralisation of the water. A perfect recipe, some would say, that helps protect coffee machines and skilfully improves the taste and flavour of your coffee!

BWT’s bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee (Reverse Osmosis Compact) is one of the most compact RO systems for the optimisation of water for coffee preparation. Using a unique BWT membrane the units consists of only 5 modules fitted into a single casing. Carefully designed and manufactured to the highest international specifications in BWT’s Austrian factory, this unit offers true innovation.

The bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee systems are robust and durable. Day to day operation is Bluetooth-linked to your smart phone via the BWT RO Systems App. This App gives access to data and controls for technicians and baristas and it sits comfortably in any coffee industry environment. A bestaqua Roc 14 Coffee requires very little space and operates reliably with minimal maintenance!

Reverse Osmosis can create 99.9% pure water. The innovative new bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee combines this with BWT expertise and the coffee professionals’ own skills to create a specific water ‘recipe’. The right water allows the full essence of each coffee to come through while brewing. Moreover, of course, no microplastics!