Purchase, Rent and Lease – What’s the difference?

There are many steps to choosing the perfect set up for your business. Should you choose bean to cup or traditional? What size grinder will handle my volume? Do I need installation? Which water treatment solution to prevent scale in my machine?

At Coffee World, we have the expertise and range to get this right for you and implement it with minimal disruption, exactly to your requirements. But once the set-up has been decided, what about paying for it?

There are 3 main financing options available on any given machine or package which I will outline below. There are many pros and cons to both and it is all about how this fits in with your business model and budget.

Outright Purchase

This option is the easiest to define. Once the package has been decided on and a price agreed for all the required products. You pay us in full. You take full ownership of the equipment from day 1.

“Lease” or Lease Purchase

The Lease Purchase option is a way of splitting the outright purchase cost over a defined period, usually 24, 36 or 48 months. At the end of this period, ownership of the machine would be transferred over to you. Options moving forward vary from keeping on with the same machine, selling the machine and replacing it with a new model or taking out a service only contract.


The Rental option means that Coffee World retain ownership of the machine and at the end of the defined term, generally 36 months, there are several options going forward. Continue with the same machine on rental terms, upgrade/change to a different machine or potentially even purchase the machine at a reduced rate.

For any more details about financing options for machinery or for advice on putting together a complete package, tailored to your business. Get in touch with one of our sales team

Purchase, Rent and Lease – What’s the difference?