It’s here! Our Green Giesen W15A Roaster has arrived!

I could go on about its features such as double walled roasting drum or ability to cool and roast simultaneously meaning the ability to roast up to 60kg an hour. But I won’t, I want to tell you what this roaster means for us and you!

Why did we do it?

For us, it means we have now expanded our fleet already including a 60kg drum roaster and a 110g Probat sample roaster and now welcome the new kid on the block, the Giesen!
Flexibility is the key to our business, coffee is not just coffee and as people not only within the coffee industry but the public also become more and more educated, the requests that come in to the business vary from day to day, and we need to be ready for that. Not to mention, we deal with machinery, it’s lovely to have a backup roaster to ensure we can keep producing coffee to get out to our customers should anything ever go wrong with the Giesen’s big brother!

What does this mean for you?

So for you, it could mean any of these things :-

  • Constant and complete stock of all of our core blends at all times
  • Ability to offer a guest coffee to your customers from a small batch production
  • Potential opportunities for custom roast coffees, not only to serve but also to retail to your customers

Learn more

If you want to talk to us about any of the opportunities above, drop us a line or come by and meet the roaster yourself and have a chat with our experts.