Meet Muhammed – Our Master Roaster

Muhammed has taken over as our head roaster from his father and Coffee World’s founder Ali, to ensure that the coffee roasted by Coffee World is fresh, consistent and delicious!!


Muhammed, how long have you been roasting coffee for?

I have been around the family business for as long as I can remember, helping out with odd jobs around the office. Around 6 years ago, I really started to get involved and start to take ownership of the roasting side of the business.


What do you enjoy most about roasting?

I love seeing how different coffees react during the roasting process and the precision required to ensure that each roast comes out on profile and to a consistent flavour as our customers demand. Not to mention the aroma, the smell of roasting coffee never gets old and I love it everytime!


What do you see as the most up and coming trend in coffee?

People are exploring more artisan ways of brewing coffee, both in business and in the home. We have seen a demand for may different grind types to accommodate for kit such as the Aeropress or the Chemex. That coupled with people wanting to know more about the coffee they are drinking.


How do you take your coffee?

Has to be Ristretto. The traditional Italian way of drinking coffee in a short espresso so I can taste the coffee in its purest form.


And finally, what is your favourite Coffee World Roast and why?

Has to be our Espresso Blend. The blend has a great strength to it and produces a great hazelnut crema. Its complexity on the tongue and roast profile means the chocolate and almond flavours really come through.

Meet Muhammed – Our Master Roaster