The Iced Beverages 2017 report, part of the Project Café UK Series from Allegra, observes that sales growth in the iced and blended beverages category has outperformed the growth in the overall coffee shop sector, which increased by 12% to hit £8.9 billion turnover in 2016. 

Growth in the category was driven in part by an increase in prices, but also by a rise in consumer participation.  As more operators offer a wider range of iced beverages, and for longer, the growth is set to continue through 2017.  Seasonality is starting to show signs of stretch, with the established May to September season expanding into the April and October months.  A recent consumer study conducted by Allegra World Coffee Portal shows that habitual uptake is developing and 1 in 5 consumers are buying iced beverages all year round.

Market trends

As the health & wellness trend takes hold, and the ripples are felt throughout the entire UK coffee shop industry, operators have been forced to offer a wide range of iced beverages to meet consumer demand for healthy indulgent treats.  Leading brands are innovating with flavours, and delivering authentic, handcrafted beverages across the range.
According to the consumer study, the most important attributes when choosing an iced beverage are the use of fresh ingredients, good value for money and that the beverage is freshly prepared from scratch.  Pre-prepared iced beverages came in as the least important attribute to the consumer. (ref. Iced Beverages 2017 – Allegra World Coffee Portal)

How can Coffee World help?

At Coffee World we strive to keep up to date with the market in order to be able to offer our customers the best service possible in delivering to your customers. Recognising the trend in Iced Beverages and the consumer demand for products such as cold brew coffee, driven by the US market, we are able to offer solutions to the demand.

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is a megatrend in the United States and is making its way over to Europe more and more. Due to its special production method, this coffee contains less bitterness and less acid and can be enjoyed in many ways including on ice, with milk or straight up!

By adding Nitrogen, you can create an exciting look (much akin to a pint of Guinness) and a creamy flavour experience. This method is called Nitro Cold Brew. It is served through a draft tap and is incredibly refreshing and versatile.

Reasons to offer this, not only in order to keep up with demand from customers, are:

  • Unique, Innovative concept with a wow factor
  • Great layered appearance in the glass
  • Maintains and enhances high margin coffee sales throughout summer
  • Versatility means it can be served during the day as a coffee concept on its own, with milk or as part of a drink recipe and, with the additional of alcohol, could continue to drive coffee sales to evening guests.

Smoothies and Frappes

Blended iced drinks are not a new concept, but are ever evolving. Bought to the mainstream by high street coffee shops, they create a great revenue stream and an alternative to a standard hot beverage.

But why restrict these drinks to just coffee shops? They are simple way of providing a service to not only parents as an alternative to the standard fizzy drink but also to adults who want to enjoy the fruit flavours in a refreshing beverage and it is this simplicity that means anyone with the footfall is able to offer them.


The smoothie is a thick blended fruit drink, and although specialist juice bars make them from fresh fruit, it is now common to find a liquid ‘smoothie base’ which can simply be blended with water and ice.


The frappe is a Greek invention (although Americans claim it for their own). It was invented in 1957 when Nestlé was promoting a chocolate drink for children which was made by mixing with milk and shaking.  A Nescafé employee improvised with instant coffee, milk, ice and a cocktail shaker, and invented what was later to be called ‘Greece’s national drink’.

All angles covered

Coffee World are able to supply everything you need to get up and running and serving these drinks from the commercial blender designed to cope with continuous daily use to the Sweetbird smoothie mixes in a huge array of flavours, the Zuma Frappe mixes in a variety of flavours to the recognisable clear cups, domed lids and straws! Then it is just up to your imagination how far you want to take it!

Learn More

For more details about how to get up and running with either drinks concept and to start planning for a lucrative summer of Iced Coffee and Beverage sales, get in touch with us today.