Cold Brew Coffee. How, what, why??

We get asked a lot, what are the current trends? What are people doing to stand out? What is going to be this year’s hottest products?

The answer to all 3 of these questions right now would be – Cold Brew Coffee.

Although it is this year’s hottest trend and has come a long way since the early days, Cold Brew coffee has been around for many centuries, with evidence of the process being used back in the 1600s by the Japanese! But recently, it became a real hit in the US and the growth of Cold Brew coffee is largely attributed to a few key factors.

•The Cold Brew process removes a lot of acidity and really accentuates the more subtle, floral taste notes of the coffee.

•It is new, but familiar. Coffee is the drink of choice to so many people, but with consumer knowledge growing, a demand for innovative, new ways of getting a fix are ever present, which has seen the rise of products such is the Nitro Cold Brew.

•Coffee is seen now as less of a necessity but an art. Nitro Cold brew produces a beautiful beverage, not just in appearance but also in taste, which is versatile and can be served in many different ways.

How to get started

There are many ways of getting in to Cold Brew. Here at Coffee World we have been researching machinery, brewing methods and coffees extensively to bring you the offering that is easy to set up, maintain and most of all, deliver the great product your customers demand.

What do you need

Nitro Cold Brew Machine

The Nitro Cold brew machine takes your Cold Brewed coffee and transforms it in to an ice cold coffee with a “Guinness” like appearance with a creamy head. With no requirement for external gas supply or special equipment, the Nitro is ready to go from 2 minutes of plugging in, using Nitrogen extracted from the air to produce the perfect cold brew coffee.

Brewista Cold Pro Brewing Kit

To produce your nitrogen infused Cold Brew, you need to coffee itself. The Brewista brewing kit allows you to produce up to 22L of coffee in a mess free process which can be performed overnight in a steeping time of around 12 hours.

Bag in Box

Once you have produced your coffee, the best way of storing and using it is via a bag in box that connects straight to your Nitro. Available in 5, 10 and 20L, these will store your coffee for around a week.


Of course, key to this whole process is a great coffee. At Coffee World we have been developing and testing from our wide range of available beans, origins and grind forms to find what we feel is the right coffee for the task. We keep the findings of this close to our chests, but would be more than happy to invite you for a tasting!

If you are interested in knowing more, get in touch and we can arrange a tasting with you at our showroom using our very own Nitro!