A change in takeaway perspective…

Right now, in the world of delivering coffee to end users, there is one very hot topic and that is the government proposed ‘Latte Levy’. In the same form as the carrier bag levy that has been rolled out nationwide, the government are proposing a 25p per cup tax for disposable cup.


Currently, there are only 3 recycling facilities that can handle the process of splitting the paper from the plastic, waterproof coating on the cup. Whilst there are options available for bio-degradable and fully recyclable cups, the former remain the most cost effective and popular option on the market.

In response to this, coffee retailers who are selling hot beverages to take away are fighting back and many are offering a discount for supplying their own reusable cup. Aside from the big chains who offer a nominal value off each cup, we have also seen independent retailers offering schemes such as ‘Free coffee upon purchase of our reusable cup and only £1.50 per coffee every time you bring it in.’ For those of us who have made that coffee stop en route to our desks an essential part of our morning routines, it’s evident that it will not take long to recoup the cost of the cup!

At Coffee World, we have partnered with JOCO to bring the best quality, attractive reusable cups to our customers. With orders already placed for these from our customers, you will be sure to see more and more of this appearing on your shelves, and here is why.  

·        Barista friendly sizing – Using core industry measurements to ensure your Barista will know exactly how to bring you the perfect drink.

·        High Quality, Non-Porous, Boroscilicate Glass. This superior, dishwasher and microwave safe glass does not affect the flavour of the drink meaning you taste your beverage and not the cup.


·        Many retailers are offering discounts on reusable cups, start taking advantage of them today by reusing your JOCO time after time!

A change in takeaway perspective…
A change in takeaway perspective…