Our hand-picked single origin coffee is chosen for its taste, profile, sustainability and affordability to ensure you deliver the best tasting coffee experience to your customers time after time at the right price.

Here at Coffee World we are always looking to bring you and your customers the best coffee experience possible. We work tirelessly to taste and review beans from around the world to help you get the edge on your competition.

Having tasted in the region of 35 beans seeking perfection we have chosen to bring you a Brazilian bean from the farm “Fazenda Santa Rita” on the Guima Estate.

The Guima Estate is a multi-award winning and conservation-focused coffee farm that’s proudly managed by women. It consists of three neighbouring coffee farms as well as dedicating a large amount to local produce and flowers.

The three coffee farms consist of the richly biodiverse lands of the Fazenda Sao Lourenco, the Fazenda Brasis which is nestled away in woodlands for a unique growing environment and finally the farm from which we have chosen, Fazenda Santa Rita.

Fazenda Santa Rita is rich with the bourbon variety of Arabica beans. After they have been processed through the pulped natural method and dried on patios, raised beds and in drying machines to compensate for adverse weather. This bean provides us with a taste profile including but not limited to Toffee, Hazelnut, Fig and Dark Chocolate.

To really show off this beans full potential we recommend a grinder with minimal ground dispersion meaning a consistent size reaching the basket before extraction through a quality espresso machine.

Our recommended set up would be a Mythos grinder with a La Marzocco PB espresso machine or similar.

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