Importing from over 22 origins means there is always a wide selection of hand-picked single origin coffees. All hand-roasted on site in our Giesen Drum Roaster, these coffees are all unique in their own right and provide drinking experiences ranging from citrus to earthy and from brown sugar to berry flavours.

From our selection, see below our current hand-selected coffees for both Espresso and for Filter brewing.

Peruvian coffees are often considered to be gentle and aromatic but full of flavour with very mild acidity.


Coming from a slightly cooler climate the beans mature slowly bringing out the flavours and complexity over time.


When used as Espresso from a Medium-Dark roast it brings out notes of chocolate and citrus with a rich dark crema..

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At Coffee World we have been working hard to bring you the best possible introduction to the market for your business.


Combining sustainable crops, a fantastic story and most of all a stunning smooth, rounded flavour with notes of Chocolate, Fig, Toffee and Hazlenut resulting in a coffee that tastes incredible with milk or as espresso we have chosen the Brazil Guima.

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Often considered the best growing region in Guatemala, this is a subtle but mild bean that is grown 1350+ metres above sea level that has complexity with slight floral and citrus notes.


A light body on a medium roast leaves a pleasant aftertaste that reaches all parts of the palate.


We grind this to order to suit your individual needs for brewing.

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